About Us

  Erkuş Hukuk & Danışmanlık is a young and innovative law office that aims to have an effective presence in the national and international law arena and to grow by improving its quality without compromising its ethical values.

  Started to work under the foundership of Att. Ömer ERKUŞ in 2017, Erkuş Hukuk & Danışmanlık provides its local and foreign clients with case, follow-up and consultancy service in several fields of the law in order to not only solve their existing problems, but also eliminate the potential problems.

  Adopted the principle of conducting a scrupulous research process and to reach the most effective, rapid and reliable solution in any legal problem faced, Erkuş Hukuk & Danışmanlık approaches problems multi-dimensionally and conducts examinations. Within this process, it closely follows up the local and international legal developments, in order to improve the quality of the service it provides. It adopted the working honestly, transparently and by focusing on the client in its work conducted in the fields of case, follow-up and consultancy.

  Continuing its works under the leadership of Att. Ömer ERKUŞ, Erkuş Hukuk & Danışmanlık sustains its one-to-one communication with its clients that it works based on trust, preserves its corporate identity, grows day by day and adds a new one to its fields.

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